Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wow, we're only halfway March and already daylight saving time started to take effect! 
Although I knew it was coming, and mentioned it several times this last week, I plum forgot about it on the morning itself.! 
James (who was up early for a change) came into the bedroom joking if I was sleeping in, since it was 'already' 8 o'clock, a time I'm usually up and making breakfast. Oh well ...

Our 'outing' for this week was a visit to the India fest at Wickham Park, our previous campground:


I wasn't too interested but James really wanted to go, so I went along. It turned out he mainly went for the food .. I should have known .. he's a Hess!

Sikh meeting cowboy ..
We split a nice sampler platter with meat and some Samosas which was all very tasty.
I was tempted to try some sugar-cane juice, but the sun was just too hot and the line too long.
It was interesting to see how they made it though:

Most of the booths were selling clothes, but they were too 'ornate' for me, really heavily embroidered and too brightly colored, others were selling typical Indian jewelry, which is also a little 'over the top' for me.
You could have your hands and arms decorated with Henna. All done freely by hand and really gorgeous!

Since we are nearing the end of the season for most RV 'snow-birds' here in Florida, most of the campground's activities are coming to an end too.
The quilters had their yearly Quilt show, where they show off all the quilts they made during the winter (about 100!).

They were all for sale and one large one was raffled off. 
The money went to the Shriner's Hospital in Tampa, as well as a lot of the small quilts that were made for the children's ward.
All of the quilts were machine-made by using these incredible computerized sewing machines!


My Mam made quite a few of them too, I actually have one of them, which I helped making some squares for, but we did it all by hand. 
It took a lot longer, but for me that's more what 'real' quilting is about. Getting together and all pitching in, while having some coffee and chatting about what is happening in our lives.
I don't see what the fun is in cranking these out as fast as you can ..
unless it's for charity maybe ..

This one was raffled off
The Bocce group had their End-of-the-season Tournament.
It was a sunny but very windy day and it was a little on the cool side, but a lot of people showed up to cheer both teams on:


 They take it serious, every inch counts!

I've talked about the abundance of Ospreys before, and it seems that these two, that are hanging out in one of the big Live Oak trees next to the campground, are starting to get serious about cleaning and renovating their 'old' nest. 
According to people who've been here before, they use the same one every year.

They fish in the river in front of the campground, and use 'our' dock to rest and dry their feathers in between catches.

I don't think there are eggs yet, or one of them would probably stay at the nest at all times, and they would take turns feeding.

Here's a few shots of some of the smaller wildlife around here. They're fast and not very visible, you only 'see' them as a blurr when they race out of your way ..

Male Brown Anole showing his pretty throat fan

They're beautiful up close though .. if you can get a decent shot .. 

 Female Red-headed Brown Anole

And that's all she wrote for this weeks folks!

The truck is still running fine (still a little oil in the water reservoir but we're not panicking .. yet) and James is still working hard to bring home the bacon .. or the dough, or the money .. whatever!

Nothing from US Engine .. yet ..

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