Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It has been months since we’ve seen a single drop of rain! It's been too cold, overall, with too much wind, true, but dry and there’s something to say for that!
I still would like to see a couple of days though that it is too hot to do anything so you can complain about the heat and you’d really wish it would cool down! It would make me happier for the fall to arrive and be (somewhat) fine with the winter afterwards.

Our 'Gold Beach' never fails to amaze me, it's such a beautiful place and every day is different!

Lots of driftwood comes ashore here.



During a few cold and cloudy days we cleaned out a lot of obsolete paperwork, old files, documents and plans of James that he doesn’t need now he’s not in California/San Bernardino anymore. We’re shedding a ton of weight and create some nice shelve and drawer space in the RV as well as in the truck in the mean-time!

We also finally started working on the RV after postponing it all summer for ‘when the weather gets warmer’. I guess it’s now or never, this is as warm as it gets!
We spend many days tackling the silicone caulking all around the RV. It was 10 years old and failing. James replaces it with Dicor self-leveling lap sealant.
Although our main roof has been recently completely ‘re-done’ together with those of  2 of our slides, the roof of our entertainment slide was not and looks rather ‘iffy’ showing black mold spots all over. Lucky for us the neighbors are re-treating theirs and we can use their left-over’s. That stuff is expensive!

After replacing a lot of rusted screws and treating the ones that won’t come out of the ‘seams’ that hold the ouside panels together we re-cover them with new trim inserts.
Starts to look pretty!


All slides got new black edge trims and black rubber seals and James welded on some new locking bolts since the old ones lost their thread.

After some puzzling we manage to finally put the decals on the back left slide that we ordered last year from NuWa. This slide had gotten a new face for some reason but never new decals. Although the coach is 10 years old the very helpful parts department at NuWa managed to find the decals in their warehouse. Thank you NuWa for your great customer service!

Since the fridge has some rusty spots on the inside around the bottom hinges we took the doors of and re-paint and re-caulk this and while we’re at it I touched up all wire-racks that had started to flake of paint and had gotten rusty.

The truck got worked on too!
After taking all the rust off James spray-painted the footboards black again and also all 4 wheel hubs which took a lot of meticulous cleaning and prepping.
We work our butts off and are happy to take a break on a Sunday afternoon to participate in the ‘farewell party’ that Cal and Lee are throwing for all of us. The end of the season is rapidly approaching for most of us and soon the first will start moving away to their winter-destinations.

Cal and Lee smoked ribs and grilled salmon and the rest of us all brought their favorite dishes. I made some corn bread with honey-butter.
The food was delicious, the weather held after initially been threatened by incoming fog and we all had a great time! We met some great people here; we’re going to miss them!

I also find time to learn a new craft this month, like I need another hobby, right!

Phyllis tought me how to weave pine needle baskets. Yes, this really sounds like something you want to put on your resume, I know, but take my word for it, it’s fun to do and a hobby that’s totally suitable for the RV life-style! It’s cheap, small, light weight, doesn’t need any expensive or elaborate tools, you can do it anywhere and the materials are readily available or even self-collectable!

I haven’t even talked about my ‘agate-hunting’ that I do here on the beach. A member of the quartz family of minerals, agates have long been sought for their beauty and this area features some of the easiest rock hunting found anywhere, right on the beach at Turtle Rock.

The reason is Hunters Creek, the little creek that flowes alongside the campsite and empties in the ocean right here at the beach. Agates don't come from the sea but wind and water dislodge them from cliffs and river banks, transport them to the ocean and than the tides will wash them up on shore, especially after a (winter) storm, amidst patches of gravel that can also contain bright red or green jasper, other quartzes and petrified wood.
The agates here are mostly a translucent faint yellow to orange in color. I found some beautiful ones:

This huge one has an air bubble in it

We also tumbled some:

This is a banded agat

And than there’s Patches, a small black and white stray cat that has ‘adopted’ us. A couple of weeks after our arrival here at Turtle Rock this little guy started wandering around our site, attracted no doubt by the cat food that’s sitting in a dish in the open bay area.
He was very skittish at first but gradually gained more courage and started to let us pet him after which he ventured out to sleeping on our lawn chairs and eventually on our laps. He now even comes in the RV although he’s still a little nervous doing so.

I treated his ear mites, his tape worm and fleas and he looks really healthy and happy right now.
Unfortunately Merlin hates him and picks a fight almost on a daily basis. This is probably going to be the reason not to take him with us when we move although I already know it’s going to be very hard to leave him behind. He’s such a good cat.