Mushroom Madness Tasting Menu

5 courses, $95 per person

First Course
Heidi’s Three Mushroom Tart* Slippery Jacks, Porcini (Boletus edulis), and Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)
Joe’s Wild Mushroom Soup*purée of Slippery Jack Mushrooms (Suillus luteus) with a sunken quenelle of mushroom risotto

Second Course
Escargots with truffle garlic butter, Black Trumpet Mushrooms (Craterellus cornucopioides), and lemon-lime emulsion
Beef Tartare** Truffle-infused with house-baked brioche and pickled straw mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea)

Third Course
Angel Hair oPasta Dungeness Crab, & Lobster Mushrooms (Hypomyces lactifluorum) in mushrooms and cream
Beef Stroganoff* with wild mushrooms over seasoned rice

Fourth Course
Duck Breast
Chinese 5 spice scented with Marion Berry & foie gras purée, and seared apple (add pan-seared foie gras $20)
Sturgeon marinated in cilantro and lime juice, with chanterelle mushrooms and served over curry quinoa & cayenne aioli

Candy Cap Mushroom Crème Brûlée (Lactarius fragilis)
Trio of Seasonal Sorbets
Mushroom Hunting on a plate” (Chocolate Mousse)