Wednesday, October 19, 2016

According to the calendar it's Fall already, but 'the South' still hangs on to it's Summer. It's still in the 80's during the day, although not as humid anymore.
It's also very dry at the moment, but after the recent floods, nobody complaints too loudly about that!

I've been trying to find some fall colors on my morning walks, and if you look very carefully, and squint a little, you'll see that a few leaves are turning ever so slightly indeed.

I found myself a pumpkin!

And so did others ....


Last weekend was the first of a series of three 'Halloween- Weekends' that will take place at our park.
There was apple-bobbing for the kids ....

Also a pumpkin-hunt, bingo for kids and adults, and costume competitions:

I liked this little sweetie ... just adorable!

Other than that things are very quiet around here. Like I said, every day dawns very sunny, no wind at all ...

The river is extremely low (thank goodness) and for some reason it's banks are swarming with Dragonflies :




I like how this shot came out, ... ready for take-off!

From the truck-front there's still no good news, I'm afraid. 
The TCM that we sent out for testing/repair, did have a problem and came back all fixed, but after installation it still didn't work. (the ECM turned out to be fine) 
It even threw a whole new error-code, and after calling the guy that did the repairs, he told us that with this error the TCM is basically toast, and we need to replace it!
He's actually refunding us the money of the repair, because he would have never attempted to do so, had the code showed up while testing. Sh$#@&t!!
Well, I guess we're getting a new TCM ....

Time for a drink!

Happy hour has the best temperatures of the day, and we have a nice view of the sunset ...

Until the mosquitoes come out, which is about NOW, 
I'm out of here!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Well, here we are, one month later, and back at our 'old' haunt, Hidden Oaks Campground in Hammond/Robert. They've opened up again, although they're still working hard on restoring the office and also their own home, which completely flooded too this time around.


We're in B11, one spot over from where we were last year. It's actually a better site since the sewer is in the right spot here, on the back-site, so it doesn't run through our sitting area this time!


The beautiful Bayou is still there, right behind us, and I already came across a few of my favorite birds ...

Even my friend the Anhinga, still calls this Bayou home ...

Although it's not as humid anymore, temperatures are still unseasonable high (in the 90's this week!). There are still lots of butterflies around, like this gorgeous Spicebush Swallowtail:


And, on the same bush, it's beautiful cousin, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ...

We can't all be that spectacular, or big, but you might have very pretty eyes, like this 'Common' Buckeye ...

I've not seen too many leaves showing any fall colors, and most summer flowers are on there last legs, so we're looking a little blah at the moment, but I did find a whole field of Pale Meadow Beauty ... and beautiful they are ...

And than there's the 'never-ending-story'. Of the truck, that is ...
We had to be towed here by another (rental) truck, because unfortunately ours is still 'kaput'!
Some progress was made after renewing some wires and it now starts, but the transmission is still not working properly. 

'Our' mechanic from Starkville came over and helped James in trying to fix the problems. They worked under the awning of James boss' workshop. No AC, but at least there was shade!

The problem seems to lie with the ECM or TCM, which are the 'brains' to the 'E'ngine or 'T'ransmission.
So after a day's work, the ECM and TCM have been send to a guy who tests and rebuilds them, which is considerably cheaper than buying new ones, and hopefully they'll be back, in working order, next week.
Don't un-cross those fingers now!

Since it still has been too hot to do much outside, I've finished a couple of puzzles lately. This Nantucket beach scene by Charles Wysocki was a lot of fun:

Well, I can't think of much more to add for now, I'm anxiously waiting for Fall to roll in, and enjoy it's cooler temperatures and fun events. Only 3 weeks to Halloween, yeah!
I DID decorate a little already, I'll better get me some pumpkins next time we go grocery shopping ...