Wednesday, February 27, 2019

He's baaaaack!!
Well, a miracle has happened ... it looks like the truck is up and running! For real this time!
They had it done by the weekend, and James has been doing several long test drives since than, and it looks like (almost) everything is running fine!
Of course there's an 'almost' in there since there's still a little minor tweaking going on, but the engine looks good!

We're now waiting on the final bill ... depending on that number we'll determine how much longer we'll be staying here, and how we're going back to Louisiana. 
We would like to take the 'long' way' back and do some more sight-seeing along the south and west coast, but if the budget is too tight we might have to take the short route, straight back, which will take about 3 days.
James has work for 2 more weeks if we need it so either way we will be OK!

In the meantime we're going to see and do a few things around here that we haven't done or visited yet, since it looks our time here is coming to an end fairly soon.
Just for fun, and for the food of course, we went to the yearly Greek Fest at St Katherine's Orthodox Church in Melbourne, last Sunday.

While eating our terrific lunch, lamb shank with Spanakopita (spinach pie) and an appetizer platter with feta, Dolmades (stuffed grape-leaves), gyros, pita and olives, we watched an intermediate dance group perform some dances from Crete.

Also some less 'inter-mediate', but they had just as much fun. 
Lot's of  'O-pa' and 'Ya-mas' all over the place.

We visited the church and admired the beautiful icons of the saints:

There was a small area with booths that sold all kind of Greek merchandise and we got some Greek olives to take home for happy hour.
We could have gone for the sweets at the bakery but we bravely stayed away from all that sugar ... yeah, pretty stupid!

Image result for greek pastries

I did bake at home though. We ran out of bread so I tried a new recipe, somewhere from the Internet, which is definitely going to be my go-to recipe from now on.
So easy 'a caveman can do it' and a very nice bread overall!

 I don't have much pictures from the dock or any wildlife since the weather wasn't really good, still stormy and I just couldn't find much interesting to take pictures off.

So, I'll do what everybody else on Facebook does in those circumstances , post pics of cute kitties!
I have my own 'model' on standby for such days ..

Zzzzzzzz ...