Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Finally a new post and yes, finally a new spot! We moved to James' boss Ronnie's 'estate' in Ponchatoula, about an hour south of where we were in Amite.
And not a day too early! Due to the rains we were surrounded by nasty mud and we had to wait for a dry day to be able to get out without getting stuck.
Jeff, the owner of the B&B, did (get stuck) a couple of days earlier and had to pull himself out with his (brand new) tractor ..


Walking around the RV and to and from the B&B had become a  muddy, slippery undertaking. Thank goodness for our clogs and boots:

It looked like we would have only one dry day to escape, before the next rain would arrive, and we'd put plastic down two days in advance to create a somewhat dry 'runway' ..

And .. it worked! The truck had no problem pulling us out and over the first slippery part and once we reached the graveled pathway we were home free! Awesome!

We only had about 50 minutes to go before reaching our new site. We're parked at the end of about a mile long driveway that leads onto Ronnie's property, and in the yard of his sister-in-law Charlotte.

We'd hoped to be able to park underneath the large carport next to the house but we didn't fit all the way. 
We were very happy campers though to be able to set up our outside sitting area on the concrete slab, which meant ... no mud! Yeah!

As you can see, we found a pair of real dining room chairs in the shed, and we even  have an outdoor fireplace ..

This is the slab on the other side and the view from our living room windows ..

Due to the two very enthusiastic Labradors of the neighbors we created a little 'safe haven' for Merlin, by setting up a small fence around our, excuse me 'his', lounge chairs ..


But I'm allowed 'in' to have coffee .. 

On Sunday we drove into Ponchatoula, about 6 minutes away to check out our new coffee spot, the Berrytown corner Cafe.


Housed in a nice, old, turn of the century building, this place serves real good coffee and, even better, very nice mini Beignets!

We tried some plain ones, which were OK but we agreed they could use a little 'something', and some filled with chocolate, which were delicious! (and yes, we ate both plates!)

On our way back we picked up some boiled crawfish at Doo's :


Due to the very cold winter they are twice the price as normal so we had not bought any yet, but the season is progressing and I'm not going to be here for most of the rest of it, so we splurged!

             They were very good, spicy, but edible, just right! 

And yes, I've not mentioned this yet, but I'm leaving on the 19th, next Monday, for Holland!
I'm going to be there for 5 weeks, coming back on the 20th of March. Yahoo! It's been a year and a half, so it's about time again.
I'll be blogging from there!

Here are a few pictures of my new morning-walking-route, this is all on Ronnie's property:

The path is nice and graveled, winding it's way through some trees and meadows, complete with cows, and is about a mile long. So nice not to have to struggle through the mud!

Alongside the path I found 5 different types of Camellias this morning. 
Look at the size of these bushes!



Aren't they gorgeous

Yup, it's very pretty here, I think I'm going to like it!

These last pics show me spinning cotton on my Indian Charkha. 
I bought it a while ago on e-bay for half of the price they normally go for. 
It needed some TLC, so I sanded and oiled all parts, and am now trying to get the 'hang' of it.

Ghandi, in his quest to boycott the British textile imports, requested Indians to bum foreign clothes and make the spinning wheel (charkha) "not only a symbol of simplicity and economic freedom, but also a symbol of peace." Through his teachings, Gandhi brought the use of the charkha into use among the masses referring to it as the symbol of non-violence, independence, and the tool needed to lift India out of poverty.

  Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

See, same thing, I just have more hair ...


OK, enough for today, I might post on Sunday, but otherwise it will be sometime from Holland.
Until next time!