Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Hey, it's Spring Y'all! 
And although most of Florida's flowers bloom pretty much year round, some typical spring blossoms are also popping up and the (Bumble) Bees are buzzing.
We went for a Sunday walk at the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary, just down the road from us, which protects 1,322 acres of Brevard's remaining scrubby flatwoods and mesic flatwoods habitat. 

Florida's Pine Flatwoods  are characterized by low, flat lands with sandy soil and Pine woodlands. 
Frequent fires caused by lightning or from controlled-burns are keeping the shrubs low and the forest open.

It was a cloudy day, which was nice because there is very little shade and I can imagine that it gets pretty warm in the summer. 
It's not very nice for pictures but oh well, you 'get the picture' (ha!).
As usual I'd hoped to see some wildlife, I was told the small lakes attract lots of water fowl, but unfortunately not much was stirring.

Lots of flowers though, if you care to look for them! 

Some are not even flowers, they're actually plants with colored leaves:

But halfway our 3 mile hike we finally came upon some actual wildlife; a pair of beautiful nesting Florida Sandhill Cranes!
They were perfectly still and quiet, I almost missed them ..


And a little further down the pathway this pretty Rufous-sided Eastern Towhee was singing his little heart out! Yup, 'tis Spring!


And how's this for a balancing act?


Other than that, the campground is beginning to empty out a bit, people are slowly starting to move back North again. 
Nobody is in a big hurry though, since there's still snow on the ground in most northern states.
Saint Patrick's day came and went. Some really went all out putting up their little garden flags:

This one even added green Flamingos!


I made Corned Beef in the Instant Pot, as usual. Not quite as succulent as normal because the cut was a little leaner. 
Good enough though!

And that was another exciting week in the life of the Hesse's!
The truck is still running fine, although there's still some oil showing up in the water reservoir, even after numerous flushes.
We've even added some Cascade dishwater soap to the water but we still see oil ... yeah, not too happy about it ..

Anywho, financially we're doing 'good' so it looks like we can (but will we?) be out of here in less than 2 weeks.
Now to believe it!

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