Monday, February 28, 2011


Early February brought some real cold weather, especially at night, when the temperature fell below freezing which caused our water faucet to freeze and crack!
The days were still beautiful though, clear and sunny, and we were outside most of the day. Later this month we had some huge storms passing through our area. They brought us a few good down pours and when the clouds disappeared we discovered snow on the mountains towards Julian.
The view was gorgeous!


San Diego and Los Angeles flood and even Borrego Springs have some good rain. Hopefully this will give us some good wild flowers this spring.

We took another trip in the area and visited ‘Ghost Mountain’ in Blair Valley.
On top of its summit, Marshall South, a writer and an artist, built a cabin in 1932 and began ‘an original experiment in desert self-sufficiency’. He lived here for 14 years with his family, ‘of the grid’ and ‘off the land’ and lived as close to ‘nature’s universal code’ as they could, which also meant they wore little to no clothes.
They wrote about their experiment and were published in various magazines.
There’s little more than some ruins left now and it’s a rather strenuous hike up a steep slope. The view is great from the top though and we could actually see our campground far down below!


In the same valley we found some ruins of the Kumeyaay Indian villages and a few pictographs.


James and I are both working on his next project which is to restore the wildlife drinking fountain/waterfall that has stopped flowing because of a possible leak ‘somewhere’. He’s also replacing the old stone pond, which is also leaking, with a plastic one and re-’scapes’ the landscape around the whole feature.


I’m also thrilled to announce that this month I got my much awaited washer and dryer! It took me all this time to find one on Craigslist that was stackable, 110 Volt and not wider than 32”, but I finally did!
James brought it back with him from one of his, unfortunately rather too frequent, client-trips to Lake Arrowhead. Bye, bye, Laundromat!

We also got a generator and James installed a wrench on the truck so he can lift his heavy tools in and out without breaking his back.
We’re both very happy campers!


We’re spending a lot of enjoyable hours with Joe and Deanna. We got them hooked on ‘coffee time’ in the mornings and somewhere around the weekend we’re always having a BBQ followed by a campfire made by Joe who is the absolute master of campfire-makers. These times are certainly the most memorable and precious of our stay here!
We learn so much from them and they're just great people to be with!