Thursday, June 24, 2021

This pretty boy showed up early one morning this week, and tried to snatch a bite out of my lettuce-box! 
Fortunately that's the only planter I've left the netting on, which clearly surprised him, and he quickly moved on to, literary, greener pastures.

It looks like he's growing some nice antlers!

Occasionally we have some different 'wild-life' show up in the form of several neighborhood cats. I don't think any are feral, they all seem well fed and not particularly shy, although they don't come too close either, but well, that's typical cats of course ..


Merl' has seen them too, and we know that if he spots them he is inclined to go over and look for a fight, so we keep a close eye on him!

I've started to walk a bit earlier this week since the temperatures have started to rise. And rise. And rise!
We're in the 90's right now and this weekend they are predicting 100's, I even saw a 112!! Holy smokes, what's that about? This is Oregon!
Any-who, the fruit-trees are loving the heat and we're smack in the middle of cherry-season right now:

I pass this beautiful big Queen Ann cherry-tree on one of my walks, and it so happens to be not in anybody's yard, so .. free pickings for all!


These cherries don't color your typical dark-red but stay a pretty yellow/orange.
They're really good, sweet with a thin skin and creamy-yellow flesh.
One of our neighbors just up the road has this tree in his yard with much larger, plum-like fruit. I think they're Cherry plums ..                                                                             

Roadside flowers have changed from daisies to wild Sweet Peas ..

The bumble-bees love them and I've picked a bunch for inside the RV too! 


James is steadily progressing in learning how to be an appraiser and gets a few more responsibilities every week.
Besides that, we finally gathered enough pallets to lay down our patio-floor, under the mat beneath the awning.

The ground here is very uneven and we had a hard time making our chairs and especially the the table stand somewhat level.
Besides that, when it rains it gets rather muddy here, so raising the mat will help drying it quicker and hopefully avoid turning moldy this winter.

We had a few left over which we placed along the backside, where it gets even muddier and which is a side we use a lot for cleaning the litter-box and draining the tanks.

By the way, those pallets were given to us by our landlord Brat. As I mentioned before he's a roofer, and gets all his shingles delivered on pallets. We'd asked him to save them for us, which he did.
This is him, and his wife Serena, chatting with James after a long, hot day of work somewhere on a roof (I'm glad that's not my job!):

Since James had been working hard too (a lot of pounding-the-ground was done to get it somewhat level), he felt he deserved a treat ...

A nice slice of Key-lime pie did the trick!

Talking about food (smooth transition there eh?) we went to the Dundee farmers market last week. They started doing one only last year and it's a real small-town affair, just a few booths and pretty much the same ones as the larger market in Newberg, so I think we'll stick with that one for the future.
Afterwards though, we went to
the La sierra Mexican restaurant:

We'd driven by many times saying 'one of these day we should go and eat there', so finally we did!