Thursday, July 1, 2021

I swear, the wildlife out here is out to boycott my dreams of a prolific vegetable-garden! This is a little Downy Woodpecker trying to bring down my bean-poles. Not that there are to many beans climbing up poles but hey .. really?!


Any-who, here's a pic of my Yellow Squashes who are growing rapidly despite all 'attacks' ..


                 And here's the Zucchinis ..

Let's see, what's new this week? Oh, yes, we finally got our car's title transferred (2 months after buying) and now have plates!

Until now we drove around with this piece of paper on the back window that states 'Covid', just so the cops know we're working on it ..

"299 Muy", well, it could have been worse. I like these 'standard' plates with a pine tree on it. Very Oregonian!

I've been picking blueberries like crazy, about an hour every day. So far we've got about 14 pounds in the freezer! Yes, fourteen pounds!
Another pound or so went on our cereal, our yogurt and a cheesecake ..

It's as delicious as it looks like! I still have half a cake in the freezer for this coming weekend.

And there was blueberry oatmeal ..


And of course blueberry pancakes!


And there are still more ripening! It's as well that we have bought that extra little freezer for outside in 'the shed', because there was no way I could have fit all that in the existing one in the RV!
By the way, we now have an extra fridge too! It got so hot last week that our fridge couldn't keep up, so we bought a small one to save our perishables, and placed it under the cat- scratcher, right next to the RV fridge.

We could have placed it in the shed as well but than I have to walk outside for everything, so it will just sit there for now, until it cools down enough for the fridge to get cold enough again.
So far it's still too warm though (the fridge that is), in the 50's, which worries us a little. It might be 'toast', in case we will be looking at buying a new one ...

Talking about buying new things, we finally got a picnic table! It was on our list of things we would like to get, and when we found ourselves in McMinnville this Wednesday, we picked this one up:

It was a little more expensive than we'd hoped but we're tired of looking, and we would like to use it this summer to eat outside. So.. done.. we can cross it of the list.
It's (somewhat) fold-able by the way, so perfect for us nomads!

And while we're on the topic, I bought some more!
Finally I made a decision on getting some skirts and shirts. Something I've been plotting and planning like forever but well, things like no money or 'on the road' so not deliverable, or some other excuse have kept me from getting any
so far. That, and my terrible indecisiveness off course ..

It's hard to see, but those are the 4 (!) skirts I bought with 5 tops, and a knitted poncho!
I ordered them on-line, and had to send a few back because they didn't fit, but there you have it .. finally!
I could do with another pair of sandals and shoes, and if I could find some decent underwear that would be absolutely brilliant, but it's a start.
And since I'm almost on my way to Holland, who knows, I might find something there!

Yes, I'll be flying on Wednesday! Yahoo! So far everything is looking good. Since Holland has placed the US on a non-dangerous 'yellow list' last week, I don't need to be tested (or go in quarantine) anymore, which has made things a lot easier.
So. Next blog will be from the Netherlands. Hopefully. As we now know, things happen, and with the new Delta-mutation of the virus going rampant at the moment in parts of Europe, who knows what they will do? Close borders again?
I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
See you in the other side of the ocean!