Thursday, January 17, 2019

And right away, here's our highlight of the week; James' 60th Birthday! He made it!

As another card read: "if 60 is the new 40, you're not a year older but 2 decades younger, and still not 'over the hill'!
Yeah ... dream on!


We didn't have too much time to celebrate since James had to work (hey, we'll take anything he can get), and we didn't have much money to 'do anything', so all I had to offer him was some home-made crafty stuff, a raisin muffin with our traditional 'singing candle', and a sort of creative french-fries dish with chicken that I managed to produce for dinner. 
Oh well, maybe next year we'll be doing better ..

We went for a little drive on Sunday and turned into Castaways Point park, a couple of miles down Hwy 1 from us.

It's a small Riverfront park, overlooking the Indian River Lagoon, offering 2 fishing piers & concrete walkways, plus a picnic pavilion & kayak launch.

It's a popular fishing spot and these guys caught a lot of them by using a small throw-net, which seems to be a favorite fishing-style around here ..

It attracts a lot of birds, hoping for an easy meal, since they throw all guts and other offal back in the water after cleaning  ..

At least this Double-Crested Cormorant caught his own meal ...

Other than that, I've not much to blog about this week.
Here's a few pictures of the many 'activities' that are going on in this very active 55+ park:


As you can see on the board, there's Zumba and Bingo, but there's also a Quilters, and an Art and Craft group, an afternoon for Cards and Games and every Friday is 'food-night' for which the owner cooks a different meal each week.
There's also a Shuffle-board court (pic above on the right) and a Bocce court:

One of these days I'll walk over and try my hand at this. 
It's quite similar to the french P├ętanque, or the english Lawn-bowling or the other french game I used to play on the beach when I was a kid, called Jeux de Boules.

Of course there's the (heated) pool, and than there are loads and loads of people walking (with or without dog) and biking their rounds around the park each day.
A lot of them are a lot older than me, and they're putting me to shame I must say .. I really should start moving a little more!
Fortunately, that might actually be happening soon, since I'm very happy to say that I finally caught up writing the blogs from our travels this Fall. Yeah!

I do walk to the dock every day though, and I always find something to see. 
Like these White Ibises, aren't they a funny looking bird?


And my friend the Little Blue Heron is almost always there. He's quite tame and let's me approach very closely.

When the water is calm you can see why they are here ...

Fish are jumping all over the place, it's somewhat hilarious since they never jump once but always 3 times in a row! No clue why ..
As far as the truck goes, we have changed our plan of attack once again .. sigh ..
After much deliberation we've decided to not go for a whole new engine after all, but to have the cylinder heads re-done locally and take our chances that that will be all that needs to be done.
It will be a lot cheaper and also a lot faster. 
We really want to get out of here since we've been sitting here for 9.5 weeks so far already, we've had to borrow a lot of money (and we're spending a lot on rent at the moment) and it really is time to start making some money to pay it all back!

                                                 Image result for back to louisiana

Which brings me to another announcement; as soon as the truck will be up and running (and test-run for a week), we will be moving back to Louisiana, where James will start working for Ronnie again, his former boss in Ponchatoula.
We know for sure he'll be making good and steady money there, and Ronnie has work for him for more than a year and possibly even two, which will get us all square with everybody and than some.
So, that's the plan. For now ..

Well, I guess I had more to blog about than I thought. 
One more 'end-shot' for good measure and that's it ..

A sunset would be more appropriate but this is actually a sunrise .. but who cares, right?