Monday, July 25, 2011

JULY 2011

The foggy, wet spring has slowly made way for steady clear blue skies and somewhat higher temperatures. The wind never seems to let up though, at times the sand on the beach really stings your face and ankles.

The fourth of July is coming up and so is James’ Dad’s Birthday on the 1st of this month for which we travel to Newberg again. We take a slightly different route this time and pay a visit to the Wal-Mart in Coosbay and Campingworld in Junction city.

That evening the whole family gathers at Dad’s bedside in the nursery home to sing Happy Birthday and eat ice-cream pie made by Brenda upon request of the Birthday boy. Dad is visibly enjoying himself, although he seems very weak and has difficulty speaking. We all get to exchange a few words with him and he eats a whole piece of pie!
Doug and Brenda leave the next day for Washington and we will hang around for a few more days to take over their daily visit routine to Dad.
It also gives us a chance to visit the famous St. Paul Rodeo which takes place each year around the 4th of July weekend. It’s my first rodeo!
Before the evening show we roam the fair-grounds and have some nice and greasy food as is customary at events like this.

What about these ‘curly’ fries?


And these cute ‘cow-girls’?


During the show I learn that most bulls and horses get to ‘perform’ only once a year for about 3 minutes and live the rest of there lives on huge open ranges in the Midwest, like these mustangs,  to keep them as ‘wild’ as possible. I hope this is true!

I’ve always been hesitant to go to a rodeo because of the possibility of animals being hurt for my entertainment but this information puts my mind somewhat to rest.
For all we can see this evening is cowboys making horrifying crashes and limping away where as the discomfort for the animals seems to be very short and without it resulting in any injuries.
I truly enjoy the incredible horsemanship that is shown at the various competitions that take place over the evening like barrel racing, calf roping and the inevitable bronco and bull-riding.


On the 4th we watch the neighborhood parade and have a BBQ in Doug’s backyard in the evening.                                                       

Two days later Dad passes away.
We’re sad but mainly happy that his suffering is finally over. Unfortunately he was in a lot of pain in the end.
At his memorial service on the 14th we meet with a lot of family and friends we haven’t seen in years. Everybody tells us what a great guy he was and there are a lot of fun and happy memories shared by all. He truly was a wonderful man, we loved him dearly and we will miss his advice, his generosity, his humor and his love.

Back at Gold Beach we take a look at some of our monthly expenses and decide there are a few we can do without or at least postpone for a while.
Since we never watch TV in the summer we cancel Direct-TV until October and since the campground has a whole lot of DVD’s we also postpone our Netflix membership until the winter.
We’ll also cancel our 2nd blackberry in January when the contract is expiring since I seldom use it. It all ads up and not knowing what the future will bring we opt for as little financial commitments as possible.

We make a day trip to Cape Sebastian and hike to Myers beach from there. The weather is gorgeous, although windy as always and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!



Sadie is getting older, she’s 12 now, and we realize that we cannot have her walk this far anymore, she barely makes it back.

I’m still having fun spinning. I now have my own drop spindle. It’s a beauty, from Spinolution. By adding more or less of the little copper weights in the ‘whorl’ it is suitable for all kinds of wool.


Elmo really likes the pink wool I got; he buries his nose in it and tries to eat it. I guess it looks (and tastes?) a little like cotton candy. I also give my supported spindle another try after having given up on it a long time ago since I couldn’t get it to work. Guess what, I have no problems with it this time! I’m actually trying some of Sadie’s hair on it. I know, that’s odd, spinning your own dog!