Wednesday, January 23, 2013

James celebrated his 54th birthday this month!
I managed to bake an apple cranberry pie but that was about all the partying we were able to do 'cause he still had a bad cold and I...had the flu!!
You see, you have to be careful what you ask for! Or I should at least have knocked on wood after that last statement in my previous post.
Well, there you have it! Now I got sick! There goes my perfect record of 12 years without so much as a cold!
Maybe it was because I stopped taking vitamins? We have religiously taken one multi a day for 10 years or so and I recently stopped after reading it really doesn't help much for anything at all, just costing you money. Who knows, but I'm starting again!
After 10 days, I'm finally feeling a little better although I still have some bad coughing fits every now and than.

The weather has been a little less cold but for almost a whole week now we're having incredible high winds! Wind gusts of 45-50 miles an hour are rocking the RV and freaking out Sadie who thinks were going to get airborne any time!
Today we finally had a day without wind and I've enjoyed sitting out in the sun a little after my first day back to work. Amazing how drained this flu has left me, I was pooped after only 2 hours of work.
By the way those 2 green plants in front of me are tomato plants. When we arrived here in October I thought it would be fun to try to have winter tomatoes growing here in what was supposed to be a 'nice and warm' Arizona. Ha! Since it has been the coldest winter in decades they haven't 'done' much but I've got a little green cluster on both so I hope to have them ripen in the next couple of weeks!


Because of me being sick we haven't been doing much at all lately but we're also starting to realize that although we've seen some nice things over here there's really not that much to see in this part of Arizona.
It's not that we don't like the desert because we loved the Anza Borego desert and we know Arizona has some spectacular desert too but unfortunately it's not here.
Maybe we're a little spoiled, after seeing such incredible beauty in Canada and Alaska but I think this is clearly not the most scenic part of Arizona.
Oh well, we're trying to make the best of it!

One thing we haven't seen much of here is the Colorado River although the campground is only half a mile away from it.
Much of the areas alongside the river here are Indian property and you need a special permit to be able to come anywhere close to the water.
The Rotary Park in Bullhead City is public though and it has a nice dog park so we took Sadie and checked it out last Sunday.


There's a separate area for small and large dogs and interesting enough there are no children allowed!
The big dogs area has some agility structures set up, there are water spigots for humans and low ones for the dogs, it has some shade pavilions, benches and even a few fire hydrants (and cute short ones in the small dogs area :)!
The Rotary Club even provides some toys, ropes and tennis balls.
Outside of the dog areas you can walk right up to the river,
even swim in it if you like, there are many covered picnic areas with BBQ's, lots of play-things for kids, 4 softball fields, a skateboard area and a disk golf course.
The whole park is huge!

Sadie had a ball, she loves to swim! She's still doing great for being almost 14!

Merlin by the way is still hanging in there too. His diabetes is reasonably under control, his insulin is down from 2 x 1U to about 0.5 - 0.75 U(nits) twice a day so his pancreas might be recovering a little.
He's such a delightful cat, there's not a day that he doesn't do something funny, at least, that's what we think. Anyway he cracks us up all the time!

Here's himself , 'helping' James at the computer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From Arizona a Happy 2013 to y'all!

Well, there it is, a new year, a new chances..!
Not that I necessarily need one but it's always nice to get something of a fresh start, don't you think so?

James got of to his good start by making a 'new round' of oliebollen for New Year. They came out a little crunchier than normal but were delicious as always. 
For not being dutch he's pretty good at it!

Just looking at the pictures make me crave them again. Badly...!

Which is partly caused by the fact that we've started some sort of a 'new years resolution'-style health regiment which includes, or it's more about excluding actually, a lot of fruit, veggies and lean meats and fish. Oh well, you know, the usual....
As far as for the excluding part that involves off course the sugar, starches and such, more oliebollen for a while I'm afraid.!

Among my other resolutions for this year are, (I always have a big list, it helps me getting at least some of it done) finishing this darn pair of never-ending socks and finishing at least one pine needle basket (right, don't ask). We'll see.

OK, what has been happening here?
We took a drive out in the desert and visited the Havasu national Wildlife refuge which covers 30 river miles from Needles to Lake Havasu City and is a safe haven for lots of endangered birds and other animals as the desert bighorn sheep.

We didn't see much wildlife but it was a nice drive alongside the border of the Refuge.

At the campsite I kept seeing these busy footprints and wondered who made them....

I finally have identified the suspects:

They're Quails. It's a whole pack of them but they play hard to get, always running and flying off when I get close to them with my camera! They have a pretty good camouflage color too as you can (barely) see in this picture.

Take a look at this:! Doesn't he look like he knows what he's doing? Maybe he should have looked a little more 'geeky'?
So far he had 3 clients and they were all happy so it looks like he's off to another good start! And instead of baking the 'oliebollen' this makes money. Although, come to think of it, maybe we could try selling those? Mmmm,......interesting......

Well, I better go take care of my husband who has a bad cold, which makes me think of my sister,

Hey, sis!
who has the flu :(, and of Judywho had her hip replaced today!
(maybe I should have something too?)

Any-who, get well soon, all of you guys!