Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Now we finally had the RV at our fingertips we could start ‘working’ on it when we had some time on our hands.

James took all plates off the underbelly and inspected and repaired when necessary all tanks, pipes and cables. I cleaned the disgustingly greasy plates.
He took out the bedroom slide, put it on stilts next to the camper (now that was a sight!), replaced the dry-rotted inside panel of the wall, improved the slide-out framing and put together the mirrored sliding doors and shelves of the clothes cabinet again. I cleaned the outside.

James installed the air-conditioners that were taken off when they put on a brand new roof (!) and which they never had put back on again (or yet). I cleaned the roof.

He spray-painted the front door and several panels that had yellowed from age. I cleaned the outside compartments.

James custom build a beautiful king size bed with a storage area underneath, an office desk with table that doubles as a dining room table, a couch, again with storage underneath and lots of shelves in various cabinets. I cleaned the whole inside


In the meantime we started selling everything we couldn’t get or use in the RV on Craig's list. In reading the RV-blogs I learned to do only one thing……downsize, downsize, downsize… And so we did. We didn’t want to end up with ‘stuff’ in storage since you end up paying rent for years for stuff you never miss. We sold practically everything! Which was a lot! Especially the stuff in James’ office and the garage and the 500 something books I collected over the years. Two hundred of which were in Dutch, not the easiest too sell in America so I ended up giving them away to a Dutch elderly home somewhere down the hill. They sure loved them!
I think those were the hardest to give up for me, for James I guess it were the bigger tools he had to get rid of. Although he could take some he couldn’t possibly take them all, they just wouldn’t fit.

We also spent some time looking around for places to stay this winter and checked out some campsites around Lake Gregory
We tentatively set the starting date for our ‘new life’ for November 15.