Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wow, if you think Alaska is beautiful in the summer you need to come over in the fall! The colors are so spectacular, it's like a totally different world!

Just in time we got word yesterday that we've been accepted as camphosts for the coming winter at the Moon River RV Resort in Mohave Valley, Arizona !
Not a day too early because we're leaving here tomorrow!

We've been talking back and forth with 2 contenders lately, the other one in Huachuca City ( I liked that name) but this one won out. I'm going to do the office, help with events and activities and write the monthly newsletter (interesting!). James will be the all-around handyman and since he's doing less hours he'll also take some of my chores.
It's a small park for Arizona, only 84 sites and most of the guests are snowbirds and going to stay all winter. It's apparently a fun group of people and they have lots of campfires, happy hours and potlucks. Sounds like our kind of campground!
I'm so looking forward to some sunshine and higher temperatures!

We're not starting until around the 21st of October so in the meantime we're going to take about 3 weeks to drive down to the lower 48 to arrive at James brother in Oregon, once again, around the 20th of September.
James has some 'unfinished business' with Doug's yard so we promised to come over and get it done.

So tomorrow we're heading for Anchorage and the plan is to go and see Holmer and Seward first after which we'll drive east towards Tok, than 'do' the Top of the World Highway (weather permitting) and we will end up taking the Cassiar Highway on our way south through British Columbia.


Last night our managers Greg and Sherry had pizzas delivered for the whole crew as appreciation for a summer-job well done! They were delicious and we had a good time remembering some odd and weird and funny situations that occurred over the summer.
Like the Bulgarians being chased by a caribou in the Park or Danny spraying bear spray in his face because he aimed the nozzle towards him when he wanted to test it (he'll have to hear that for a while).

Today James and I went for our own farewell dinner to the 49th State Brewery in Healy. This bar & restaurant has it's own microbrewery and they're brewing some delicious beers!

We ordered a sample platter and determined in the end they were all good!

Luckily we were forewarned about the seize of the hamburgers so we ordered one to split and we were glad we did! It was huge!

Well, that will be it for a while I'm afraid. We learned on the way up to Alaska that WiFi is not so readily available in these rural areas and we're also doing quite some 'boon-docking' where we won't have any electricity either so updates will be sporadic if at all. long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.....for now....!
See you on the road!