Monday, September 14, 2015

Labor day has come and gone and with that, thankfully, also all the people that came here to celebrate the summer's last hurrah!
The hotel was completely booked and the campground full of people, and great fun was had by all.
Rec. Springs had organized a band (a local rock-and-roll one), there was a 'walking Taco'-bar and s'Mores for desert. 

Due to a fire-ban (it has been so dry) a camp fire wasn't allowed, so we had to make do with a BBQ for the s'Mores, but it worked!

The band was pretty good and played only until 11 pm, which was nice (because it was LOUD) but afterwards a large group of people thought it was fun to keep talking and yelling and singing until 2.30!
Not so nice .....

After Sturgis Rally with it's motorcycles, and Kool Deadwood Nites and it's classic cars, Labor Day weekend is the time for the whole family to bring out their 'toys', i.e. their ATVs and Quads!

Since Rec. Springs is centrally located to a lot of trails, and also rents out ATVs, it's no wonder they attract ATV-ers (and Snow Mobile-ers, depending on the season).
And they do take their ATVs serious here! Complete families, including the very young, are spending whole days on the trails!

When they come back in the afternoon they are either very muddy or very dusty:

Time to bring out the pressure washer!

Any-who ... I'm glad that's behind us and that the place is 'ours' again!
The weather is still very nice, days are sunny and in the 70's (20+) and nights don't cool off too much.
We still live mostly outside and since the sun is getting a little lower in the sky right now and start to peek underneath the awning , we acquired a shade cloth that attaches to the awning 'roll'.

It keeps the direct sunlight off and keeps it a lot cooler. Nice!
Because I love to do my spinning outside:

Still working on wool I got from a neighbor of aunt Esther on Cameno Island ...

I've discovered that I can spin and listen to audio-books at the same time. How cool is that? Two of my favorite things to do at the same time!

And in the evenings we still do a lot of grilling and eating ouside.
Salmon this time, yum yum ....

Yup, life is good!


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