Thursday, September 17, 2015

I've officially retired from my cleaning job, Yahoo! They've hired a full-time cleaner a while ago and it's going to be so quiet from here on out that she will be fine by herself.
I've also made enough over-hours, that our rent for September, and than some, is already covered, so I'm done! Finito!

Time to relax and get out on my daily morning walks again and enjoy these beautiful end-of-summer days:

Fall is starting to show, but not too much yet. 
We'll need a couple of frosty nights before the leaves will turn in earnest and I've read that the drier the end of summer will be the 'redder' the colors will turn out. 
Well, it's definitely been dry so far, so I hope it's gonna be great!

All in all we've had a very nice summer and it looks like the temperatures for this week are still going to be  in the high 70s, even the nights don't cool off much (except for a couple last week when it was 38F when I got up!)

In the meantime we've been busy adding two more awnings to the RV.
James has wanted awnings over the slides for a long time, but they're crazy expensive, so he set out to make them himself. Of course!
For over a year, after storms, we've scavenged the campgrounds we stayed at, for parts of other people's blown or ripped -off awnings. 
We'd ordered a few small bits and pieces through E-bay, and finally started to put it all together:

These rolls we found here at Rec. Springs. James cut them to the right size and re-attached the end parts.

He had aluminum brackets welded, according to his own design, at a local welding shop, and afterwards filled up the holes of the tubes and sanded them:

After a couple of layers of white spray-paint they looked absolutely perfect ....

Next step; attaching them to the slides, one at the entertainment slide of the RV and one at the bedroom one.


The rolls were installed simultaneously:


Than it was my turn. I'd ordered (cheap) awning cloth on E-bay and when that finally arrived (after some misunderstanding about payment) I cut and sewed ...

 ... and only made two mistakes (measure twice, cut once ... yeah, ... uh-huh .....) !

The top and bottom had a 'tunnel' sewn in, to accommodate a poly-cord, so it would slide in the rails that James had attached to the RV, one above each slide:

                      Yes, it worked!
 And .... voila! It's a thing of beauty! Teamwork!

It'll keep rain and debris of the slide roofs and also the sun, which will keep it cooler inside. We're happy campers!

Since most people have left it's nice and spacious again around our 'house'. 
I love this place. It will be hard to beat when we move down south again in a couple of weeks.
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone!

Well, that's about it for this week. Not much else going on. Which is nice. For a little while, at least.
I think Merl' agrees .....

Time to relax ...

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