Friday, June 2, 2023

It's been a while since I let 2 whole weeks slip by in between posts, but we have an excuse .. we moved!
We're all set up in our new, albeit temporary, site, as you can see in the picture above.
In a week or 3 or 4, we move in our permanent position behind the barn, which will be about where the car is parked at the moment.

It took us a couple of days of slowly dismantling everything we had collected and placed around and under the RV in our 'old' place and packing up the trailer
(the first of three loads) we borrowed from our landlord:

On the day of our move we left early for our 8.20 appointment at DMV.
Our RV still wasn't registered in Oregon and since they want to see the vehicle 'in person' we thought this was the perfect time to get it done.

We'd picked the DMV in Sherwood which has a big enough parking lot for our rig and we'd made an appointment, which makes a big difference in how long you have to wait in line.
Everything went smooth as can be, as well as the 30 minute drive from there to our new site just north of Newberg.

You've got to love an easy move like that!


So here we're sitting, alongside the barn, for the next couple of weeks at least.
The reason we're not in our designated spot yet is that the county has not given us permission to park there permanently .. yet.
Mobile homes are permitted and even tiny homes or small cabins but RV's are sort of frowned upon and you have to jump through all sort of hoops to get it approved.
Fortunately our new landlord knows somebody who knows somebody so we hope it will be resolved soon. Were keeping our fingers crossed.

And guess what happened?
After arriving we set down for a cup of coffee when James checked his cellphone .. to find a message from Oregon State wherein they congratulated him with the approval of his papers and application and that he was now allowed to take his final exam!

He'd been waiting for this approval for almost seven months,whereas the estimated waiting time normally is 4-6 weeks!
All that time he was not licensed, not able to do any appraisals by himself and only earning about half of the salary that he could have had.
Any-who, he immediately called for an appointment and has it set for this coming Tuesday at 9.30. Cool! Now let's hope he passes the first time!

In the meantime we needed to putz around some with water, sewer and electric to get it all hooked up and working.
Connecting the electric was easy. Nothing that a long cord and excess to an outlet in the barn couldn't fix .
Finding the water line involved digging a few holes but James found it fairly fast, after which he proceeded to cut the pipe, move it over to the side of the barn with some pipes and fittings and install a valve to turn it on/off.



From there we used a looooong pipe to get it connected to the RV and voila, we had water!

Next up: the sewer! Very important!
Nobody quite knew where the line or tank was, just somewhere in a general area, so a lot more digging (in the hard, rocky soil!) was done!
But we did find it in the end and James proceeded to do a similar job as with the water, this time with some larger black pipes and fittings.
Of course everything was already done and covered before I showed up to take a picture, but you get the idea!


Our connection to the RV is a thick, long hose, which is connected to a 'macerator' (basically a poop-shredder), which is connected to the 'black' tank.
(Yes, I know .. TMI .. Too Much Information) 😁

It took some more fine-tuning over the next couple of days and some more organizing of various items and areas but we're all set up and happy to be here!
Even a small, easy move like this has it's stressful moments ..

Here's a few pictures of some of the plants I managed to save and bring over. There's two large boxes of strawberries, two pots with herbs and a pot with some spinach, arugola and lettuce mix seedlings that by some miracle decided to all germinate!
And the clematis I bought last year, which didn't grow at all but somehow survived the winter, has put out this one single but very pretty flower!

Phew! Like I said, we're happy to be here in a beautiful new spot, ready to start a new adventure!
By the way, this is our new happy hour spot ... could be worse!

Life is good. Proost!

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