Thursday, February 9, 2023

This week's cold, wet nights made for foggy mornings when the sun tried to break through, with every tree and shrub covered in glistening water-drops ..


A couple of days the sun even managed to stay around for a few hours .. how different everything looks with a little sun on it!

I even got to sit outside for my morning cup-of-Joe, I actually could feel the sun on me!

But the weekend was grey, windy and cold and we spend most of it indoors.
James did play a round of golf during which it stayed as good as dry but to say it was hugely enjoyable .. (which he'll never admit by the way).

I kept myself busy with the usual little house-hold chores (quick work in a RV) and made some time going through and cleaning out our closets.
Which was mainly triggered by me buying a dress and skirt when I went grocery shopping this week! Ha!
Finding clothes I like is pretty much a miracle in itself and finding them in a grocery store when you're not looking is rather funny of course ..

My loot!

Feeding 'my flock' is of course still a daily occurrence and according to them my most important, and definitely not to forget and haven-forbid most certainly not to be late, job!

I've been scavenging around the yard for anything flowering to bring inside, just to fill the empty places where the Christmas decorations have been, but there's not much to find .. yet.

I settled for a few mossy branches and a little bit of evergreen for a somewhat 'winter-y' decor:

And for good measure, I hung some outside next to the front door as well.
I kind of like it ...

I really have nothing much else to report  ... work has picked up a little so we're staying afloat, a little above break-even, which is pretty much normal for this time of the year.
And since I'm only helping out when they are busy, I'm off for good behavior for the time being ..

Since I have a ridiculous amount of hobbies my only concern is which one to choose, which at the end of the day actually sometimes results in me having done really nothing at all .. weird?

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