Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Yes, it's that most wonderful time of the year once again .. it's FALL, Y'all!

Time for pumpkin spice (pies) and everything nice, crispy mornings and cozy fires and beautiful fall colors, warm sweaters and shawls and apple cider with cinnamon pecan pastries!
It's definitely MY time of the year!
Decorations are up of course, even a few new ones this year:


And due to the cooler nights, the neighborhood is taking on a slight yellow and orange tinge as well ..



I see more berries and pumpkins and even a rare mushroom or two!

James got in the mood and made oatmeal pancakes, something he remembers his dad made on cold Sunday mornings, the one's that 'stick to your ribs' a little more than the usual fluffy ones.
I wasn't too sure about them but they were surprisingly good!

And everything is better with bacon, or in our case (maple) sausage, of course!

Temperatures are not really cooperating with my festive mood though, it's still way to hot for my liking. It was a whopping 84F (29C) on Saturday and 86F (30C) on Sunday!
Fortunately we'd booked a matinee theater performance in McMinnville for Sunday so we were enjoying their nice air-conditioning during the hottest of the day.

After seeing several shows this year in this small but surprisingly good theater, we were really looking forward to see 'Mamma Mia' this time around and boy, once again it did not disappoint!
It's hard to screw up this vibrant feel-good musical of course, the music alone is great, but this whole performance was just amazingly good!!

Once again we were in awe of the professionalism and the talent. The decor was absolutely genius and the costumes were gorgeous and spot on.
We had an absolute ball!
Now to get 'Dancing Queen, 'Money, money, money', 'Gimme, gimme' or 'Mamma Mia' out of our heads!

(Apparently the show was such a success they have added two more shows.)

After the show we decided to walk through town a bit and have something to eat and drink. We were surprised to find main street (actually 3d st), otherwise busy with traffic, closed off and transformed into an outdoor-eating event.
Apparently this has happened each weekend all through the summer, organized by the downtown McMinnville association, and is a huge success, so much so that if you want a table you better book ahead!


We managed to get an outside table at La Rambla, a Spanish restaurant, after we promised to be done in an hour, as every table outside as well as inside was booked!
Since we only wanted a drink and a few tapas, that worked just fine for us!

It was a beautiful afternoon, with the temperature that of a gorgeous summer
(if you're lucky) evening. I guess we can call this an Indian Summer?

The perfect end to a great day!


  1. It's hard to get enthusiastic about fall when the temperatures are so warm, but you definitely have lots of fall color already! (More than we have here!) It's hard not to enjoy a good ABBA song.

    1. Yesterday we had the first rain in 3 months, I had forgotten what it looked like! More warm days to come though, this 'summer' is not over yet .. 'gimme, gimme, gimme' some cooler temps please!