Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yes, finally, it's Fall! Yahoo! My favorite time of the year! 
I just love the cooling down and the crisp air, the changing of colors, Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkins, turkeys, parades, hot chocolate, apple pies and getting cozy in front of a fire!

I didn't waste time decorating! It's not much due to the lack of storage but it gets the message across. Fall!
(just ignore the sleeveless summer dress I'm wearing)
Last year the Resort organized a pumpkin carving contest and brought in a whole bunch of pumpkins so I hope they'll do it again and I'll be able to snatch a few up!


Even nature here in the desert got 'in the mood' and cranked out a few
mushrooms for me!
These are Coprinus Comatus or 'shaggy ink caps', 'lawyer's wigs' or 'shaggy mane'. Very common and edible when very young. (these are old).
They appeared after the rains we had recently which also filled the Rio Grande to (and over) the rim and flooded the golf course's cart path between the front and back nine!

(and that's a sinkhole in the upper right)

Together with the rain, lots of ducks seem to have arrived and some other water loving birds like these:

A Great Blue Heron. It's dark coloring and the pretty rusty coloring on his thighs, wings and neck make it a Western Pacific variety.

                                        He was huge!

Next one up is a Black Crowned Night-Heron:


I think it's a fairly young one, maybe in it's second summer, since the breast feathers still have a little light brownish 'hue' to them.

You can see how 'wild' the river is at the moment, it's a pretty strong current.

And than there's this white one on the tree trunk, above the river, a Cattle Egret.

Enlarging the pic made him go kind of fuzzy but you 'get the picture', I think?

I realize this post is sort of heavy on the animals but there hasn't been much else going on so it'll have to do for this week.
So here's two more:


Merl has found a new favorite spot, for the moment, on the cool marble tiles of the step to the bedroom area. 
It's like it's made for him, a precise fit. If he stretches out any more he'll have to put his head through his cat door on the right!

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